YouTube Advertising Set-Up and 1-Month Management


YouTube advertising provides a striking opportunity to reach new customers and to really set your business apart from your competitors. We will create and run your YouTube advertising campaign to help deliver your business objectives.

Your campaign will include cold audience campaigns as well as retargeting, designed to meet your specific needs. We will use our own knowledge and experience to work out the best interests and audiences to deliver the needs of your campaign, and also take into account any historical data that you may have.

We will produce creative from your own assets, which may be either existing videos that need to be trimmed or spliced, or images from which we can make slideshows and transition-based videos.

Once you have approved your new ads, we will run and manage them for one month. At the end of the month, we will provide any recommendations for moving your campaign forward.

Order today by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button below, and we will have your campaign ready to run within 5 working days. Or, if you have further questions, please use the contact form further down this page and we will be more than happy to help.

How does it work?

Once we have received your order, you will be sent our On-boarding and Briefing Document. You will be able to use this to tell us the details of your campaign, and this will help us to understand more about your business, services, products, the areas you cover, target customers, etc.

We will provide simple instructions as to how you can safely share access to your ad account with us.

We will then create target audiences for your campaign, which we believe will deliver you results. These will consist of ‘top of funnel’ cold audiences as well as retargeting audiences.

Where necessary, we will install a retargeting pixel on your website to help us build retargeting audiences.

We will produce suitable video content from your own assets – either existing videos that may need trimming/splicing, or by producing slideshows and transition-based videos from your images.

When will my ads run?

Once the creative has been produced, you will be sent a sample, which must be approved by you before running. Once we have your approval, we will commence your campaigns on the agreed date – this is usually 5 working days from when you place your order. Your one-month of management starts on this day.

Is advertising budget included?

Advertising budget is not included in this cost. We will establish an advertising account for you, and your advertising budget will need to be added ‘on account’ before your campaigns will start. Once you’ve completed our On-boarding and Briefing Document, we will have a better understanding of your needs and will be able to advise a suitable budget.

Will you make further changes?

Yes, we will monitor your campaigns all through the month and make audience and targeting changes once per week, as necessary.

What happens at the end of the month?

You are under no obligation to continue, but naturally, we hope you will. As ‘standard’, our work will come to an end and we will hand management of the campaign over to you. Of course, should you wish for us to continue, you may simply place a new order to do so.

This order does NOT automatically renew.

Further questions?

If you have further questions, or would like to know more about how we could work together, please send an enquiry using the contact form below. We will respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible.